The Four Joys of Joyful Living

Larry First Steps

Hello Joyful People! Here are the Four Joys of Joyful Living and why they may support your joyfulocity. Number 1:  Relax into the formless. Number 2:  Be presence. Number 3:  Heal to wholeness. Number 4:  Share your gifts. Okay, fine. Sounds jiffy jolly. Like tightrope walking – easy to say, difficult to execute. Yes and no. Lets start with relaxing …

Who am I?

Larry First Steps, Integrating Awakening

The essential and fundamental question of spiritual inquiry is “who am I?” Take a moment now. Take a deeper breath. Relax and let go of figuring things out. Just breathe and let go. Let go into the experience of “I am”. We all know the “I am experience”. We say, “I am tired.” Or “I am hungry”.  Relax into the …

“Waking Up to Joyful Living!” Workshop

Larry Integrating Awakening

“Waking Up to Joyful Living!” Workshop is available to your group or community. There is no workshop scheduled at this time: Please check back here, or become a member to get notice when a workshop is scheduled.

Awakening Meditation So Florida/East Coast

Larry Meditation

I facilitate meditation gatherings in So Florida on the East Coast from December to May. Check back here for meeting schedule and locations. There are no meetings scheduled at this time.

Cleveland Awakening Meditation

Larry Meditation

I host local meditation gatherings in Cleveland. Check back here for schedule of the meditation gatherings. There is no local meeting scheduled at this time.

Awakening Meditation online at

Larry Meditation

Awakening Meditation is available online at Download the free zoom app and input the Meeting ID 435 837 3694 to join the meditation session or use the link below in your browser at the scheduled date and time. The next meditation is Saturday July 14th from 4:00–5:00pm. Link to meditation gathering:

Foundational Practices for Joyful Living

Larry First Steps

What is Joyful Living and how does one live in peace, joy and love? Joyful living is living as the peaceful, joyful, loving presence that we are when we abide as our true nature. In my experience, most children come by this naturally if their basic needs are met.  Most of us adults have to consciously commit to growing into …

Does Awakening Heal You?

Larry Integrating Awakening

Does awakening to our True Nature heal our hearts and set us free? My experience is that awakening opens the possibility for healing, wholeness and fulfillment. It hold the potential. It necessitates the application of awakening’s love to wash over one’s heart and cleanse our wounds over time. Here’s the path I’ve followed to allow for awakening to truly heal me: …

We’re here to find our way home.

Larry Integrating Awakening

Let’s jump right in with a big question: “Why are we here?” Simply put, we are here to find our way home. We start in our heads, identifying with our thoughts, beliefs and points of view. Thought identity can only result in resistance and seeking. Resistance and seeking is suffering. Suffering is the opposite of peace, fulfillment or happiness. Eventually, suffering …

The Direct Path is a Simple Choice at Every Moment

Larry Integrating Awakening

The Direct Path as presented in books, video and retreat weeks by Rupert Spira, results in fulfillment and happiness. How? By guiding us through direct experience to an experience of ourselves as pure awareness. In its nature awareness is fulfilled and happy for it needs nothing. So, by knowing ourselves as awareness we integrate this experience of fulfillment and happiness. The …