The Four Joys of Joyful Living

Larry First Steps

Hello Joyful People! Here are the Four Joys of Joyful Living and why they may support your joyfulocity. Number 1:  Relax into the formless. Number 2:  Be presence. Number 3:  Heal to wholeness. Number 4:  Share your gifts. Okay, fine. Sounds jiffy jolly. Like tightrope walking – easy to say, difficult to execute. Yes and no. Lets start with relaxing …

My Attempt to Explain my Enlightenment Experience: Part 1

Larry Deeper Dive, Integrating Awakening

I remember the moment I experienced enlightenment. It was the fall of 2013. I was on an international Skype call on my MacBook with one of Arjuna Ardagh’s Awakening Coaches. My coach was a warmhearted German guy named Wolfgang from Frankfort. In a 25 minute guided process, he invited me to breathe and relax away from my thoughts, and senses …

Why You already are Peace and Happiness

Larry Deeper Dive

    Here is the simple statement of how to be the peace of mind and happiness that you already are.    1. Reflect what causes us pain: Expectations, preferences, triggers from past painful experiences, righteousness, need to control, etc. The source of this pain is thought. Stop and consider if this is true. Reflect on your direct experience.  Try …

Connect to your True Nature & Transform your experience

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I’m not feeling especially chipper at this moment as I begin this blog. I thought it might be a jumping off point to write about sinking from the head to the heart. In other words, how do I find my way back to a spacious, silent peace when I’m in my head telling myself a variation on the theme that …

Stepping away from The Mind & into Freedom

Larry First Steps, Integrating Awakening

Spiritual teachers encourage us to abide as awareness as the path of peace and happiness.  How do we begin? First, we realize that the cultural norm of how we are living our lives falls short of the path of peace and happiness. Most of us are living short of the fullness of ease and flow, and our natural enthusiasm and …

Suffering is an unnecessary habit

Larry Deeper Dive

Suffering is the result of a fundamental misunderstanding of who we are as human beings. Who are we? We are beings who know the mind, body and world through a pure and simple knowing. In other words, all that we know is known through the knowing of it. Take a moment to see that you know nothing outside this aware …

Why the World needs Self Inquiry

Larry First Steps

Self Inquiry is the process of reflection into our true nature beyond the cultural model we have been given. We stop and question our essential nature. We ask, “Who am I?” This is the traditional, central question on the spiritual path. Or more directly, “Am I aware?” This question begins a process of looking–not looking outward at the world, but …

Who am I?

Larry First Steps, Integrating Awakening

The essential and fundamental question of spiritual inquiry is “who am I?” Take a moment now. Take a deeper breath. Relax and let go of figuring things out. Just breathe and let go. Let go into the experience of “I am”. We all know the “I am” experience. We say, “I am tired.” Or “I am hungry”.  Relax into the …

“Waking Up to Joyful Living!” Workshop

Larry Integrating Awakening

“Waking Up to Joyful Living!” Workshop is available to your group or community. There is no workshop scheduled at this time: Please check back here, or become a member to get notice when a workshop is scheduled.

Awakening Meditation So Florida/East Coast

Larry Meditation

I facilitate meditation gatherings in So Florida on the East Coast from December to May. Check back here for meeting schedule and locations. Free Awakening Meditation Wednesday, Nov 28th 4–5pm Eastern Meeting ID: 435 837 3694