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Nurturing your personal evolution heals the world.

We are living at a most exciting and creative time in human history.

Waking up to the magnificence that we are as human beings is a privilege and takes a community and a commitment. As we each heal and move identity from thought to the being we are, we are aligning with the greater good of living in harmony, peace and divine alignment—and life is much more fun!

You may choose from the following online and in-person offerings:


In person:

  • Awakening Meditation Circles in Cleveland, OH (May-Oct) and S. Florida (Nov-April). At these warm-hearted gatherings, we have a series of 5-15 minute meditations, discussion, and experiential learning in support of awakening to our true nature. (Suggested Love Offering $10)
  • Awakening Celebration of our True Nature: Chanting and Ecstatic Dance Party. We gather as community to nurture and express the joy of awakening with an Awakening Meditation, Kirtan chanting, and ecstatic dance. (Suggested Love Offering $15)


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