Awakening Coaching

As a certified Awakening Coach, I offer a unique life coaching model based on waking up to our true nature. Awakening Coaching aligns with the natural wellbeing of our inherent nature. This coaching experience is not about getting better through learning and developing skills but rather, by relaxing into what we already are. We are often blocked by conditioned ways of being and limiting beliefs about ourselves; the joy, love and creative intelligence of our true nature is blocked or veiled.

We are truly magnificent, inspired beings; we need only get to know ourselves at a deeper level.

Once we relax into our true nature beyond our thoughts and limiting concepts, we connect with our unbounded, timeless nature.

Awakening Coaching is a direct path on the spiritual journey that liberates us beyond the limits of self-concept.

This empowering experience of discovery and transformation allows for connection to your deep longings and your big dreams – and for taking bold steps toward your fullest expression.

Each session is tailored to your needs, in support of your short-term goals. Live online sessions are 1 1/2 hours. I offer 5 -10 sessions or more depending on needs.

I was trained in an intensive 2 year program by the creator of Awakening Coaching, Arjuna Ardagh.

Cost: Sliding scale. Contact me to discuss.