Awakening Meditation

The singular reason we are stressed and ill at ease as a culture, is that we are lost in our heads, trapped in the habitual condition of mental activity which is resisting, striving and seeking for peace and happiness.

I offer online and local meditation gatherings for an easy and relaxed, yet transformative approach to living a peaceful, happy, loving life.

This simple and direct practice allows you to let go into a more peaceful, happier and more loving you, that’s just beyond the you that may be “stressed and striving.”

We get together to provide the antidote for the widespread dis-ease of conceptual living from thought identity – by relaxing into our already-present true nature of quiet, peaceful presence. We turn our attention away from the world, just momentarily, and turn attention to our own being.

This turning of our attention inward is a process of Self Inquiry. Through simple and direct inquiry we relax away from abstractions or concepts about us. We open to an experience of our essential nature “underneath” the cultural concepts that block the transformative experience of our true nature of peace, joy and love.

Self inquiry uncovers the liberating “felt understanding” that what we are seeking so sincerely we already are. Our peace, joy and love is simply waiting for us to turn our attention to it.

This is the beginning of the path home to ourselves that is the highest intention of meditation. This simple practice quietly releases us from the constant yearning that is calling us home to peace, joy and love, yet in the absence of guidance and understanding, drives us to busy-ness and stress-filled living.

Classes are one hour in length and are held online and in person.

Sessions are free.

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