Waking Up to Joyful Living! Workshop

For those whose hearts are yearning for a life of peace, joy and love, Joyful Living Global offers an in-depth workshop. This workshop described below can be offered as a series of classes or as a one-day event.

Yes, if you are ready to relax into a life with more ease and flow, then you will discover what you are looking for in this workshop of creative movement, poetry and song, Awakening Meditation, illuminating and awakening processes, and journaling – all with the purpose and intention to uncover or wake up to “the one thing that changes everything” – your own true nature.

Ready to open up to a more gentle, loving and flowing, fulfilling way to be in life? Come connect, awaken and celebrate the peace, joy and love inherent in each of us.

This workshop is available for groups of 8 or more. [Click here for schedule.]

Contact Larry to inquire about bringing this transformative awakening opportunity to your community.