T. I.


Working with Larry has been a wonderful experience.  From our first session, I felt a peaceful calm that allowed me to open my heart to love in a way I had never felt before.  He has been a positive and supportive coach and has helped me to stay on track when things got a little difficult. Larry has helped me …

D. S.


I’ve always enjoyed and respected Larry as a person and a teacher. I’ve been to many of his classes and also benefited greatly from his coaching sessions; did 3 different series over the past several years and each was life changing! Larry is a very powerful, intuitive and open-hearted man with Great insights and Wisdom!! Best of all he is …

K. V.


During a very difficult time in my life, I participated in Larry Weiss’ Awakening Coaching sessions via Skype. Each week Larry provided daily exercises that lead you to a deeper sense of love for yourself. I was amazed at the results! I went from feeling vulnerable because of a tough life transition, to feeling strong and quite in love with …

J. G.


I am truly grateful for Larry’s Awaking Meditation Circle, which has been a beacon of light on my path to spiritual awakening. Larry has a unique, and effective way of presenting, and supporting me on this journey of mindful presence, and living joyfully. Thank you, Larry.

J. A.


Larry, thank you for this gift of Awakening. It has help me change and open my eyes to a sense of wonderment and calm. When I get in my head and keep hearing the same old story my mind tells me, I am now able to sit in awareness and find my truth. Your passion and commitment to this process …

A. B.


Larry Weiss is a truly gifted and talented life coach. He is empathic and understanding yet he holds you accountable and makes sure that you are in integrity with yourself. His guidance is truly heartfelt and he truly cares about the experience he is offering you. I personally learned that much of what I identify with is nothing more than …