What is your heart's deepest longing?

“There is no mistaking our hearts that are aching
For a new day that’s breaking of Light and of Love.”

My aching heart led me to write these lyrics many years ago. Over the last four decades, I have been on a most fruitful spiritual journey, through which my heart has healed into its inherent peace, happiness and love.

And now,  I am passionate about nurturing the hearts of others. I do this in four ways:

  • I offer meditation for all levels of practitioners. At our gatherings, I share insights and understanding, as well as experiential processes, to relax into a direct approach to Awakening, the essential purpose of meditation.
  • I coach one-on-one as a certified Awakening Coach.
  • I offer a heart-opening, transformational workshop called “Waking Up to Joyful Living”.
  • I also write a blog, poems and songs from this heart intelligence that’s been nurtured in me by my teachers, therapists, awakening community of writers, and friends over my decades.

I do this work because it seems to me that happy hearts are the very thing that will guide us – individually and collectively – to create the world for which our hearts long.

Imagine a natural unfolding of our hearts and lives, connected to an intelligence greater than ourselves ...

THIS is the mission of Joyful Living Global.

Truly, our hearts hold all the treasures we seek, for we are that peace, happiness and love which we search for in each other, and in the world. It is the natural unfolding of our hearts that heals our lives and the world. 

Joyful Living Global is an awakening community, healing, learning, and celebrating together – and bringing this new way of being into our lives and communities.

So – what are your next steps in loving yourself and creating a richer, larger experience of living?

Whether your next step is in your relationship, transitioning to a new job or stage of life, or simply a next step in understanding yourself and others ...

You and your heart can find your way toward your heart’s desires.

I stand ready to serve you in this most ‘heartening’ journey to a more peaceful, happier and loving you.

Come explore the possibilities with me.


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