Are you looking to experience life on the next level of “awakened awesomeness”?

Are you ready for an even deeper dive into a life of purpose and challenge?

Perhaps you an artist, therapist, yoga teacher or speaker ready to offer more clarity and love to your clientele or audience?

Do you want to find like-minded cultural creatives for community, support and inspiration? 

Here are your opportunities with our Joyful Living Global community:

  • Take a Stand on Waking Up: Print and sign your own Declaration of Awakening: Stepping into a new way of being in the world takes a commitment and this Declaration is an opportunity to articulate what it means to be an awakened person. This two page document serves as an inspiration to you to write your own declaration or be supported and nurtured by this one.
  • Awakening Coaching: Make an appointment for a free introductory session in which we will get to know each other and feel into the possibilities we could create together in support of reaching your most important short-term goals. A useful duration for a productive coaching relationship is typically 5-8 ninety minute sessions held every other week. Sliding scale. No earnest commitment will be turned away.
  • Awakening Meditation Online: Sign up here to receive an invitation. Join in the fun for guided relaxation, short meditations and discussion as we relax into the ever-present, joyful self that we already are.
  • Free One-on-one Energy Lift on Make an appointment for a fun, lively and free-flowing 20 min session to get to know each other and connect in a joyful energy of sharing and learning together. Make an appointment here.


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