Are you ready to nurture yourself into an even happier, more fulfilled you?

It’s time to step out of the pattern of seeking in the world for “the next thing to do” to get better, to heal, to grow.

It’s time to know and abide in the experience that who you are – in your essential, inherent nature – is already whole and fulfilled.

In the Joyful Living Global community, we uncover that part of ourselves that is ever-present but overlooked, forgotten or ignored – the ease and peace beyond thought, in fact, beyond the body/mind identity. Rather than looking for ‘the next thing’ to fix us, we relax into the ease, flow and fulfillment of our inherent nature.

You don’t need fixing.

Once we understand that we have overlooked our true nature and identified ourselves as  thought, we relax and let go into the inherent knowing in which thought arises.  That knowing awareness is already whole, peaceful and joyful. It’s an energy of love.

This happens one-on-one and in community:  We relax away from our conditioned way of being, and into the ease and flow of the silent, spacious aware presence that is our inherent nature and our birthright.

I invite you to breathe into this and feel if this resonates in you. If so, you may want to take the next nurturing steps:


In Person:

  • “Waking Up to Joyful Living!” Workshop The intention of this transformational workshop is to support awakening to our true nature. The workshop includes awakening processes, movement and energy work, poetry and journaling, connection and celebration to awaken the peace, joy and love inherent in us.


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