The Four Joys of Joyful Living

Larry First Steps

Hello Joyful People!

Here are the Four Joys of Joyful Living and why they may support your joyfulocity.

  • Number 1:  Relax into the formless.
  • Number 2:  Be presence.
  • Number 3:  Heal to wholeness.
  • Number 4:  Share your gifts.

Okay, fine. Sounds jiffy jolly. Like tightrope walking – easy to say, difficult to execute. Yes and no.

Lets start with relaxing into the formless. Its a game changer.  And its simple to experience. Not years of meditation, prayer or ritual. In fact, I’ve learned a series of short, simple questions that when asked take the willing and open participant right into the formless. Whalaa! Easy and effortless, just by relaxing and letting go. (See Arjuna Adagh’s Relax into Clear Seeing or The Translucent Revolution.)

We are always already connected to the formless; its a matter of relaxing into the connected beings we are.  It sounds intellectual. Actually, it’s a dramatic and life-altering transformation that once experienced and integrated into the body and way of being, life is enriched, and peace enters the heart and life is changed for good. That’s my experience. Millions of people around the world are shifting into this connection to formlessness as consciousness draws us more fully into the deep expression of our inherent nature as a nature that is arising from and connected to the formless.

Be presence. Takes practice and its doable. The present is the only place that life is happening. Most of us live in the stream of thoughts applying preference, resistance, judgment to what is unfolding in every moment. We resist acknowledging that we are not present; slow down and begin to observe your experience. Ask, “am I in the flow, open and vulnerable, authentically showing up as moments unfold? Or am I judging what’s happening, a step removed, attempting to control, resisting, complaining, applying a preference (if only this not that) etc, etc.

Being presence is so not the norm, so few of us have had that modeled for us. Build an abiding commitment to being presence and a joyful life will begin to flow and expand.

Heal to wholeness. Joy streams through a healed and whole heart, mind and body. Much to say here about using our wounds as gifts, about self acceptance, surrender, forgiveness and gratitude. Our healing work builds the foundation for love to flow. How much we can love ourselves determines the path of our lives, especially our joyfulocity. 🙂

Share your gifts. So, what I experience right now is that once I was willing and able to engage more and more in the path of joyful living in the first three joys, then sharing my gifts becomes natural, authentic and an act of service. Perhaps sharing our gifts is the reason we are here, or at least the sweetest joyful joy.