What if there’s a more fulfilling way to live?

Larry First Steps

To get started with joyful living, we need to feel enough pain. If you’re like most of us, change doesn’t happen without pain or crisis. But let’s not wait for the pain of living in our heads to mount, shall we? Let’s mock it up with our imagination:

Imagine your deathbed: I know, I know. It’s not where you want to go. But hang in with me for a sec: There we are taking our last breaths in life and we begin to let go and are filled with calm and peace and ease as we leave the body.

It’s then that we realize that there is an expansive and liberating way to be in life. And we also realize–now here’s the point–that all our suffering (read—living in our heads) was unnecessary. We didn’t realize until is was too late that there is an expansive, liberated, peaceful, easy way to be in the world. Damn! And now we’re dead.

All that suffering was unnecessary. We missed out! We could have had a rich and fulfilling life; we didn’t realize we were missing anything. We did what everyone does. We didn’t know everyone was missing out, too!

And now, it’s too late.

Here’s where we mock up the suffering! You’re dead. You missed a rich and joyful life! All the suffering was unnecessary! Ouch. Feel the pain. Pain! Make it big. Bigger! You missed your life! Double ouch!! More pain! Drive it in. Are you with me?

Even if you aren’t in the pain re-enactment, are you able to feel something here?

What if there is a way to live that you are missing out on? What if you are living in a 3 network channel black and white tv world, when there is a shift into a 500 channel full color HDTV world with free movies available? 😉

So, to get started, I invite you to tune into the pain that you are suffering by living from a mental construct (thoughts) driven world. All those reactive, unending thoughts affecting your body and spirit; perhaps making you sick at some point(s).

When you’ve suffered enough or feel the potential pain of all that suffering, your path to joyful living can begin.