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Larry First Steps

Welcome to Joyful Living Global; thank you for your interest.

This is a resource website to support the awakening of the human spirit that is reaching around the world at an increasing rate.
Awakening is a longstanding term used to describe an experiential opening to our unbounded nature beyond time and space. This transformative experience happens in the heart and body—outside the confines of concepts of the mind.

This human experience is ‘of the heart’ and is at the heart of spiritual teachings. Some suggest that this is a step in the evolution of human consciousness. However we attempt to describe an experience that lies beyond words and concepts, it’s spreading around the world—person by person, heart by heart.

Awakening allows us to unfold into an even richer experience of living with new eyes and a deeper vision of ourselves, our potential and the possibilities of our world. Indeed, this awakening that thousands of us, perhaps millions have experienced, allows us to open to the awareness that we are. Pure awareness is our essential nature. When we open and experience ourselves as this deeper nature, a lightness, joy, compassion and peace arise.

That’s why this site for awakening is called joyful living. When we relax into our essential nature, joy arises, an indescribable joy beyond explanation and concepts. You will find practical tools for links to awakening teachers, videos, list of books and powerful documentaries and movies. And my blog—all about awakening.

We are so fortunate to be living at the most miraculous time in the history of our human family.

As we awaken from identification with our thoughts as who we are and a set of conditioned behavior patterns, we begin to experience ourselves as more intuitively intelligent, creative, loving, and always connected to something larger than ourselves.  Indeed, we are a luminous, miraculous expression of the highest order.

Awakening changes everything!  Awakening ends the struggle and mental suffering of life. You become even more confident, intelligent, creative, loving and peaceful. Joyful Living Global is an expression of the trust that it is our human evolution that will guide us in building a world of open-hearted compassion and love, because this is our true nature and our deepest longing.
Indeed, our joy will heal the world!

Welcome once again! I look forward to learning and growing, indeed, evolving together.