Four Steps to Peace & Happiness

Larry Deeper Dive, Integrating Awakening

    Here is a simple statement of how to find peace of mind and happiness.

   1. Reflect on the source of what causes us pain: Expectations, preferences, triggers from past painful experiences, righteousness, need to control, etc. What is the form these sources of pain take? Thoughts; these sources of pain are made of thought. So, know that thought causes pain. Sit with the realization that you will never find peace and happiness with thinking or by identifying with thoughts as “the voice of you”.

   2. Discover that thoughts are not you. Thoughts are temporary and you are not. See that thoughts come and go while you remain. So, who are you, if you are not thoughts?

   3. Know your true nature as the awareness presence or consciousness that knows the thoughts. With curiosity and a willingness to move beyond our cultural assumptions, begin to abide as the quiet, spacious awareness with which all experience is known.

   4. Abiding as awareness, you will return to inherent peace and happiness. The awareness that you are has no thought, so you are “lifting off” the source of pain. (See number 1.) The more we drop from head to heart, or said another way, from conceptual/thought identity to identification as the one in which the thoughts are arising, the more peaceful and happy we will be.

Simply put, see that peace and happiness are our inherent nature beyond thinking. When you are in pain, breathe, relax away from thinking and return to your true nature, pure (no thought) awareness.

Then rejoice— as you have found your way to freedom, peace and happiness.