The Direct Path is a Simple Choice at Every Moment

Larry Integrating Awakening

The Direct Path as presented in books, video and retreat weeks by Rupert Spira, results in fulfillment and happiness. How? By guiding us through direct experience to an experience of ourselves as pure awareness. In its nature awareness is fulfilled and happy for it needs nothing. So, by knowing ourselves as awareness we integrate this experience of fulfillment and happiness.

The steps along this path are few but powerful. First turn inward to ask “who is this one that is constantly seeking or resisting”? Then we look for that one. And we don’t find that one. We only find the activity of the mind, not an ‘inside self’. Once we have a felt experience that there is no separate self on whose behalf we are seeking and resisting, we can stop seeking and resisting. And we will because it now makes no sense. Why take action on behalf of a non-existent separate self? You’ll be drawn to it for a while, but the power and energy on behalf of this non-existent self dissipates; we no longer wish to take action if the one we are asking for does not exist.

Happiness is here now. It is our very nature. Explore your nature and be that happiness naturally. It is who we are.