Letting Go of the Story of Me

Larry Integrating Awakening

If I can begin to let go of the story of who I am, I can drop into my essential nature.

Granted, these are words that can only point in a direction of the rich experience of entering a spacious awareness. Yet the words point in the direction of a transformative experience that changes our relationship with ourselves and life itself.

Because of the power of connecting as this quiet, spacious awareness, I invite you, dear reader—yes YOU!—to take a deeper breath, and relax and exhale by blowing softly out the pursed lips of the mouth. See if you can imagine that you are exhaling and letting go and blowing out your identity—the story of who you are:  You are relaxing and letting go of where you grew up, your career, your sorrows, your proudest moments—all memory—even your name, are blown out with the exhalation.

Try it now.

If you can relax and let go of the story, life’s treasures awaits you. Just take a creative leap and feel into this–you are nameless, history-less, even gender-less. You are just beingness. That’s all.

You have dropped your story and relaxed into the essential nature that’s always there underneath the story of who you have taken yourself to be:  You are pure beingness. Aware. Awake. Attentive. You are being. For after all, you are a human being. And there you are doing what it’s your very nature to do—being.

It’s simple. Just breathe out and let it all go. The story is gone and there you remain. Sitting here. Breathing. Being. Aware and attentive. Noticing, Looking. Seeing with awareness but no identity. No story. No narrative. No agenda. No conditioned mind. Just being. And you can do this any time you want a taste of freedom and expansiveness.

This is liberation in its essence-and in its power. Imagine how you can step into life when you are not limited by the story of you and all of your opinions and evaluations of what you are and what you are not.

For underneath your story, life is happening. Life and all its mystery, ambiguity and magnificence. If we can continue to relax and let go of the story and step into the quiet mind of I am-ness without the preconceived conceptualizations and its conclusions of the story of who I am, then life reveals herself and all her treasures: Connective, flowing, rich and sweet open-hearted love.

And you become that flow, you become life, no longer separate.

No longer separated by our story, we are now available as an expression of the magnificence of life with nothing added—and no ‘veil of story’ tossed over life to dim its shining light. For life without a story—when you open your heart to it—is overflowing with brilliance, vitality, fragility, and exuberant, creative abundance in all it infinite variety.

Life is only waiting for you to lift off the story and all its encumbering concepts and resulting separation—and truly open, connect as life itself. Then life is complete.

Our pure awareness of life and connection to it, completes the beauty of life. We see it and know that it is good. And in that one simple sentence (and one penultimate experience) is the best story I know.